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Law Education in India

Law Education is the education gained by individuals to become legal professionals or practitioners. The degree obtained by an individual in this stream can also be useful in some other fields like in business, academic or in politics also.

Unlike other forms of professional education such as Medicine and Engineering, Law Education is both professional as well as liberal. It aims at the acquisition of professional skills, if taken as a professional education. But it can aim at value-oriented, socio-cultural education if it is considered as a liberal education. 

The main difference between Law and other social science subjects is that legal studies are multi-disciplinary in character. In many law subjects, a scientific background is not only necessary, but is essential. Similarly, in many legal subjects, knowledge of finance and accounts has become essential. Law is concerned with governance and therefore, legal education must be developed upon a sound basis of multi-disciplinary education.

India, owing to its 
rapid development in professional education,has also provided Law as a hot career option to its aspirants. The various Law schools and universities in India offer several academic programs in Law. The course may be of 5 years, 3 years or of 2 years of duration. One can also pursue 1 year or even 6 months Diploma courses to gain specialized knowledge in the field.

Law Entrance exams:

Apart from CLAT, there are several other entrance exams which are conducted by institutes individually. Some of the most important Law Entrance Exams in India are listed below:

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AIBE :  All India Bar Exam

ALS :  Amity Law School

CLAT :  Common Law Admission Test

DU Faculty of Law : Delhi University Faculty of Law

GLC Mumbai : Government Law College Mumbai

ILS Pune : Indian Law Society

QLTT : Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test

SSLC Pune : Symbiosis Society's Law College Pune

TNDALU Chennai : Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University Chennai


Law Careers :


The Legal profession has today become one of the fastest growing professions all over the world. Besides being lucrative, it is an adventurous and exciting career. Lawyers are held in high esteem in every society. There is a growing demand for Law Professionals everywhere due to the changing economic and social scenario all over the world.

Some of the fields in which a Lawyer can apply to are as follows



 Advocate General

 Attorney General


 Company Secretary

 District Attorney

 Legal Advisors

 Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)


 Notary / Oath Commissioner

 Public Prosecutors



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Law Education